Tuesday, September 20, 2005

punks not dead - the movie

punks not dead - the movie
me helping yeah...

well, here comes a DEADLINE
Keith Morris asked me to help
Wash. DC punker Susan Dynner
with her documentary coming
up called PUNKS NOT DEAD
I 've given a lot of my footage
from my 2o year old archives
that I filmed MYSELF.

there are still a couple of items
that susan needs one being
now I've seen BF since the late
1970's but I only filmed them
once with Henry fronting.

and that was at the Club Lingere on Sunset.
I was right up by the stage, Henry was great.
it was the SLIP IT IN period.
I did my best trying to get good audio from
the stage CRAPPY monitors and had some luck.

chuck dukoski and greg ginn came to my little house
in Sunland-Tujunga on a hot steamy night to see
my footage. They liked it, but the actually chose some
MANY CAMERA shoot from some guys in Frisco,
where the shots did not match the music.
Anyway, I was proud they came all that way
from the South Bay to see my humble filming.


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video louis 2005 http://www.punkslam.rocks.it/

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