Friday, September 30, 2005

#840012 Black Flag @ Lingere

Black Flag
@ Lingere

after i write this intro
i'll be going vhs to dv copy
from the original in order
to get this piece to the
production offices of
'punks not dead' the movie
produced by susan dynner

as i remember it razabre,
st. vitus and black flag
and i taped all three.
henry and the 'slip it in' era,
if you know the original layout
of the lingere there is a brick
wall on the far side and the stage
in the corner of it by the street.
[it is all 'different' now- a gazebo
like stage off the the right were
the entrance, bar was.]

i say the stage is just below [my]
knee height with crappy monitors
along the stagefront, and lots were
crunched up here so i had to rock
with the punkdom. i tried my best
and we will see if susan will use
any of it.
ps-just looked at my 1984
footage DAMN GOOD report
w/ screen caps coming up...

-->read how
greg ginn and chuck
came to my house

after this performance

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